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Hennepin West Paving & Concrete Inc. is family owned and operated, with the skill and equipment to perform a variety large projects. Since 1994, have been satisfying customers around the Metroplex. Hennepin West Paving & Concrete Inc. specializes in concrete and asphalt paving, producing from exquisite driveways, steps, sidewalks and patios to solid concrete foundation for new build houses and parking lots. If you are in need of demolition and/or excavation services, we have the equipment and training needed for such projects. Trust Hennepin West Paving & Concrete Inc. to do the job right the first time guaranteed. Call now. (763) 498-8624.

Mission Statement

Leading the industry in quality asphalt paving services. Providing the customer with superbly designed and executed paving solutions.
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  • Foundation
Asphalt Paving — Steamroller Flattening Asphalt in Hanover, MN

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Hennepin West Paving & Concrete Inc. isn't your typical contracting company. As a family owned and operated business, we understand how hard it can be to get a hold of reliable contractors, let alone keep in touch with them. We give our word when we say someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

About Us

A man by the name of Randy Ries gained knowledge and experience throughout the years before deciding to branch off onto his own. Once he learned the tricks of the trade, Hennepin West Paving & Concrete Inc. was born and run within the family. To this day, Ries' family continues to operate the family business with dedication to excellence and customer service.

With technology on the rise, much of the equipment, materials and techniques needed in this line of business have changed drastically since establishment in 1994 as well as customer base. Over the years, other contractors have come and gone but Hennepin West Paving & Concrete Inc. remains attesting to our reliability and quality of our work. Our work exceeds state requirements, in addition to the best warranty in the business; we never exceed your budget and we finish the work on time. Call us today! (763) 498-8624.